Should you keep up to date with the latest trendiest tech stack?

Di Desa Kreativ, kami sentiasa berusaha untuk keep up-to-date dengan teknologi terkini in terms programming technology stack. Tapi sebenarnya if you guys fikir-fikir balik, is it really worth getting up to date with the latest and current technology?

If you ask the business guys, you guys akan dapat jawapan berbeza as compared to the nerds and geeks in the company.

So the question is should you go ahead and invest time in learning new stuff?

The answer of course is: it depends or you should strike a balance (which is kind of the jawapan to almost every question ever existed).

You want to feed the hunger and curiosity of the technical nerds in your company. So you should definitely let them loose. Because if you restrict them with the same thing day in and day out, akan jadi boring and he/she will start to look some place else.

On the other hand, you should also not let them loose too much. In the end the client (sort of) don’t care on the tech stack that runs behind it. Especially if the project you’re tackling isn’t like the next Dropbox or Facebook that will handle a huge order of magnitude of scalability.

So, as any advice people would give over the internet, find a balance, and you’ll be good.